Residential Interior & Exterior Painting


One of the things you should take into account when hiring a contractor for your residential painting job is to know that a painting project requires preparation of the spaces, this includes moving furniture and items that may hinder the work. Also a painting project is not only about using the proper techniques but also about the  preparation of the surfaces, our experts will remove stains, correct imperfections, and on many occasions they will need to sand, wash, scrape, the surfaces and lets not forget applying a quality primer and several coats of paint among other things before we start the painting job.


That is why before you think about doing it yourself, take into account that you must have all the tools, time and disposition necessary to dedicate several hours to your project. Here is why calling us is your best choice since we will gladly take care of everything and save you the trouble and time that you deserve to enjoy with your family.


Interior Painting Solutions

The interior of your home is just as important, if not more important, than the exterior; therefore, you should not neglect painting the walls, ceilings, and other areas. Painting walls and other interior surfaces is not just about aesthetics, but it also helps to prolong their lifespan. 

An effective coat of paint shields them from damage and ensures long-term protection. Fausto Painting & General Construction will take your home to the next level, with interior and exterior painting, wall and cabinet painting, and more!


Interior Wall Painting

New interior wall painting can be a great way to give your home a fresh and vibrant look. It should not put too much strain on you financially and cause minimal disruptions. Make sure you select the color wisely to get the desired results, and above all, choose our qualified and experienced interior painting company to perform the job.

At Fausto Painting & General Construction, we only use premium-quality paints, materials, and tools, and the latest techniques and technology to ensure optimum results that exceed your expectations.

Cabinet Painting Services

We will help you refresh the appearance of your cabinets with our professional cabinet painting services. Our expert painters can breathe new life into your outdated cabinets and make them look just as good as new. In addition, cabinet painting can also help in covering up any flaws in the kitchen or bathroom furniture.

Before beginning the painting process,, our painters will inspect for any defects or existing paint that needs to be scraped off and smoothed out. After this, they will carry on with the priming and final coating.

Part of the steps are:

  • Inspecting cabinets 
  • Remove the doors, drawers, and shelves
  • Clean the surfaces
  • Repair any crack or blemishes
  • Sand, caulk, and fill with carpentry putty
  • Prime, and spray paint.

Decks & Patios

Investing time and energy into painting your deck or patio can be an arduous task, however, the payoff more than compensates for it. Once you have restored the area to its former glory, all the hard work will have been worth it.

We can use our expertise in the exterior painting field to give your old deck or patio a totally refreshed look. Plus, it will be able to resist tough weather conditions for longer and be more hard-wearing.


Siding Painting

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your home or business's siding remains in optimal condition. Applying a fresh coat of paint is one way to ensure its longevity. Our dedicated team of qualified painters will make sure any debris or current paint has been removed before beginning the new painting job - this will help to guarantee it remains in good shape for as long as possible.

Fence Painting

Garage Doors Painting

Pressure Washing

Windows and Doors Trims