Our construction solutions are perfect whether you need a new space built from scratch or the remodeling of an existing one. At the same time you can be confident that it will be of the highest quality as we follow all the regulations, safety compliance and requirements that will allow us to provide safe construction work for you and those around you.

We can handle everything from planning, designing and executing, to the completion of your construction project. Our contractors pay attention to detail and will provide advice on the best practices, best materials and above all always within your budget. For over 9 years we have focused on our customers' needs and our knowledge and expertise have provided our company with a strong foundation that is consistent with our quality.


With the help of our professional designers and craftsmen we will turn your ideas into reality. From minor adjustments to a major bathroom upgrade, we will transform your existing bathroom into a space that will match your vision and your requirements. Fausto Painting & General Construction will handle everything from free design, consultations to the selection of quality products and expert, efficient installation.

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Revamping a kitchen is a great way to give your space an upgrade and increase your home's market value simultaneously. From installing countertops to going for an extensive transformation with newly installed floors, cupboards, and appliances - there are plenty of choices! Trust Fausto Painting & General Construction to amaze you with our kitchen remodeling services.

To ensure minimal disruption, we will plan our work around your daily schedule and take the necessary steps to keep your home clean after we are done. We will make sure that no dust or debris spreads to other rooms in the house.


Our Kitchen Remodeling Services


Backsplash Installation

Floor Installation

Countertop Installation

Sink Installation

Cabinet Makeover

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Remodeling Trends To Make Your Kitchen Pop-up

1- Huge Windows

Windows can be a definite focal point in your kitchen. Try if possible to design your kitchen with large windows and doors, especially if they open to a garden, that way your space blends naturally with the outdoor spaces and natural elements giving it a fresh and more pleasant feel.




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2- Get Yourself A Nice Open-Concept Kitchen Design

An open-concept kitchen is ideal for small spaces to combine and allow them to flow openly with each other, allowing more light and fresh air into your living spaces.

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3- Discreet Countertops

Say goodbye to dark granite and bold stone pattern countertops. New trends are moving towards earthy and muted tones,  making them easy to combine with light natural woods and highlighting your kitchen while they will warm up your spaces.


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4- Opt-out For Simple Kitchen Cabinets

Opt for simpler kitchen cabinets, both the kitchen cabinets and the rest of your furniture should complement each other to add that unique touch of personal style. Choose the one that is not only functional but also matches your walls color, and furniture without being too excessive.

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5- Built-in Storage And Appliances

A tidy kitchen will always look good. No matter how many appliances you want to have, you can always take advantage of storage that allows you to keep them out of sight and make your kitchen look seamless. 


Fausto Painting & General Construction is proficient in Kitchen Remodeling services wih great attention to detail. Our team strives to make your kitchen not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. We put in much effort to ensure it meets your expectations.

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Good carpentry and beautiful woodwork can add a lot to your spaces as it brings texture, color, and character to any space and helps highlight your style and personality. Carpentry is one of the main components in the construction process of your home. Do you need a framing for a new structure in your house? How about those new kitchen cabinets that you have been looking to update and refurnish for a long time? Don't worry because Fausto Painting certainly can handle it for you.


Our carpenters are trained to finish the job not only in a timely manner, but will treat your home with respect without leaving any mess behind. Whether it's installing new windows and doors, repairing damaged siding, or the replacement of a single trim board, our woodworkers are dedicated to ensuring that your home is flawless before the painting starts.

Carpentry Services


Cabinet Installation & Repair

Kitchen cabinets need a touch-up from time to time, this way you will not only give them a renewed look but also extend its longevity. We take care of all types of carpentry aspects of your home, whether you want to install new cabinets or just repair the existing ones. 

Our carpenters know exactly what to do to correct any blemishes, repair cracks, smooth the surfaces for a more flawless finish. You will simply love our cabinetry services. We can install, repair, and replace your cabinets with expertise.


Door & Windows Installation and Replacement

 If you are the property owner or contractor of a project and need expert carpentry services we are your solution. With over 9 years of offering carpentry services, we can solve your window and door installation needs. 

We take quality very seriously and are such perfectionists that we will take as much time as necessary to provide you with quality service. Whether you need your doors and windows repainted, hinges repaired, or replaced, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will gladly work tirelessly to ensure your peace of mind.

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